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We are proud to sponsor local athletes throughout our area. We don’t just sponsor anyone, we sponsor the best! Our athletes represent themselves, and us, at local competitions and inside the local gyms in a successful, uplifting and positive manner. We are proud and excited to have them on our team and we hope you take the time to read about them. They are all trainers in this area and are taking clients so if you are looking for guidance please take some time to reach out to them.

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Alex Kopp

Nutrishop Athlete

My name is Alex Kopp, I am a strength and conditioning coach at Old Skool Iron and Competitive Edge. I have a Bachelor's degree in exercise science from Boise State University. I love to compete in strength athletics. I have competed in powerlifting and strongman for the last five years. I have set state records for my weight class in Idaho in the USAPL for powerlifting, and won various competitions in powerlifting in Idaho and Montana. Strongman is my main focus right now, and I have competed at the national and international levels. I have won many local and regional meets, I placed top 10 in the nation in amateurs, and competed at the Arnold Sports Festival this last March. My goal is to eventually compete and win the World's Strongest Man competition naturally to bring glory to God.

Sam Winston

Nutrishop Athlete

Sam Winston is a mentor, athlete, and student of athletic performance. He holds his Master's Degree in Exercise Science and Performance Enhancement as well as staying continuously active in learning about how to optimize human performance. He is a high-performance athlete, currently competing as a triathlete gaining qualification standards for his professional license. Previously ran as a sprinter at the Div I NCAA level, competing in the 200m and 400m as well as relays and was part of a 2-time conference winning group that was nationally ranked.
Sam has been influenced by some of the best coaches boasting experience at the highest levels of athletics learning about how to develop speed, strength, endurance and power through training. Having been coached by these men and women as an athlete and also working alongside them as a coach, he has learned from the best in the business how to be and also how to create elite level athletes.

Allie Smith-Cobb

Nutrishop Athlete

Hello! My name is Allie Smith-Cobb, I'm a personal trainer here in the Treasure Valley and am the co-owner of The Fitness Life. I love to spend time outdoors, particularly during the summer. I'm a big fan of hiking and running with my dog. He's a Rottweiler/Husky mix who loves the water and has energy for days; he makes a great summer-time partner. My husband, Logan, and I love to travel, play golf, go camping, and are always down for a good time with friends!

I grew up playing sports, volleyball, track, and co-ed football. Competition was in my blood! As I grew up, I lost that competition edge, I started to live the ``adult`` life of working and making a living. All that ``Adulting`` left a lot of opportunities for boredom, and with boredom comes FOOD! I got into fitness to create some competition in my life, with myself. That turned into competing on stage with a lot of other girls. Competing was fun and I was successful at it, but it also does some damage to a girl's self image. It quickly became hard for me to look at myself and see that 12% was not fat, but when you've been 9% on stage before, anything above that is hard to accept. I came to the conclusion, and not quickly I might add, that competing was not for me anymore. My mental and physical health was far more important. Now my focus as a trainer is to shape the minds of women and men to help them achieve their fitness goals. But most importantly, achieving their goals while enjoying life, family, friends, and themselves! I encourage a balance between fitness and life... The Fitness Life!

Mark Estrebillo

Nutrishop Athlete

We would like to announce a new addition to our athletic team by bringing @fitclubmark into the fold! Mark's been a friend to NutriShop since we first opened our doors in the valley as a resource to help his personal training clients get the results they work so hard for.

As a strength athlete, Mark had an amazing 2016 wherein he broke the Idaho squat record twice in a single competition and then a couple months later went on to secure a place at the United States Strongman National Championships which will be his third-ever strongman show.
With a combination of education and application Mark has coached not only himself, but also his clients to success across a diverse set of goals from football, to cycling, strength sports, or just wanting to get healthier and more trim.
His honest, no-gimmick approach to training sets him apart from an industry that is sadly full of tricks and tactics designed to keep people paying rather than getting them results.
Mark is both a competitor and a coach, at the absolute heart of it.

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