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We are a locally-owned and operated small business in the Treasure Valley. At Nutrishop we are about balance and we are about results. We carry only the top brands for everything to help you in general health, with weight loss or weight gain, with Cross-Fit, to help you improve your performance, aid in sleep, and reduce stress. We believe that proper nutrition is the foundation for any balance in life Standing by that foundation, we provide our customers with free nutrition plans, Touch-Free Inbody Analysis, free supplement consultation, and more!

We pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere, knowledge, and fantastic customer service. For the past three years, we have been helping our customers get their results naturally with high-quality supplements. So whether you want to purchase some of the highest quality supplements in the valley, utilize our Inbody analysis machine, or get free nutrition consultation we look forward to assisting you.

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Vicki and Tim Jolicoeur


Vicki and Tim Jolicoeur fell in love with the Boise Area when they came through on a road trip one Summer. They felt a calling and made a plan to move there and open up a business when the timing was right. Tim had always been extremely active when he was young, working out, wrestling, playing and coaching football. Due to knee pain, Tim developed in both knees while serving and competing in Marine Corp Infantry Squad Competition they had both fallen away from health and fitness and gained quite a bit of weight while being caught up in every day and married life. They decided this had to change. Through workouts and proper nutrition, they were able to lose a total of 90lbs between the two of them.

After moving to Boise they realized there were no stores in the area with quality knowledge and service and felt a calling to open a store that could bring high quality trusted brands to the area at the Best Prices and also provide that top notch knowledge and customer service experience the area was lacking.

In the Summer of 2014 with one vehicle and Vicki working a second job they opened up Nutrishop Boise right next to BSU Campus. Their blend of high-quality supplements, knowledge, and the customer focused experience made Nutrishop Boise a huge hit. Soon many Real local success stories made their way out through the community and Nutrishop Boise continued to grow. Customers were driving from Meridian, Nampa, and Mountain Home. This all led to the second location almost exactly two years after opening their first, Nutrishop Meridian opening on the South East Corner of Ustick and Eagle.


District Manager/Senior Health Coach

I am the District Manager here for Nutrishop Idaho, leaders in health and nutrition in the valley. I’ve had the pleasure of working with such a range of people from average joe’s, weekend warriors, collegiate and professional athletes. I’m blessed with years of experience in the industry, all at your fingertips. I spent my youth interning for a local nutrition shop in the area before attending the University of Idaho to pursue a degree in Psychology. While there i was afforded the opportunity to suit up for the Vandals and play rugby for them as well. After graduating i continued my interest in health and nutrition managing GNC’s before being recruited into the best team in the Valley!

I’m goal oriented and results driven, if you see my in the gym you’ll know i want to be the hardest worker in the room. I understand the hardship and psychology of weight loss as i battled obesity, eating disorders, depression, and the struggle for achieving the body of my dreams. Years later i’m here as a resource for my community. I strive to share my passion for fitness and health with everyone i can.

My goal is to educate, motivate, and empower people to reach above and beyond their goals. To reach past what you think you can do and help you get there. A quote my mom raised me by was “You can do anything you put your mind to!” and I strive to live up to it every day.

Come see me and let’s get you on track to where you want to be! It all starts today!

Francisco Gomez

Assistant Store Manager/ Health Coach

There is honestly no greater feeling than helping someone achieve their goal in health and fitness. Fitness is one of my greatest passions and ever since I got into it seriously in 2013 it’s been one of the driving forces in my life. It’s lead me to naturally gaining over 50 pounds of weight and also competing in two NPC physique shows where I was able to naturally lose 30 pounds of body fat while maintaining almost all muscle. I was able to walk away with a 5th and 3rd place in those shows.
With that passion in fitness, I wanted to share that with others and help them achieve their personal goal with it as well. That’s what lead me to a job at Nutrishop and now two and a half years later it’s what I love to do!
Helping others and seeing the types of transformations we do here at Nutrishop has been such an amazing experience and now being on of the leaders in this company, I will continue spreading that love of health to our whole community!
We will all, together, continue on making life changing transformations and help anyone who comes in our doors!
As for me, being a father now, I don’t plan on slowing down! My family will always come first but I still plan on staying disciplined and be that role model to my daughter that she can look up to!


Marketing Director

I have over 10 years experience in sports nutrition and athletics. I have competed at a high level in many different athletic fields, a four-time state champion in high school. Where I participated in football, basketball, and track and field.
I am finishing my Bachelors Degree in Business and Communication from Boise State University. Where I competed at the Division 1 level in Track and Field and earned the honors of Team Captain.

I then transferred to The College of Idaho where I was a dual-sport athlete at the college level (Football & Track and Field). Track and Field I broke the discus, hammer, and weight school record. Along with punching my ticket to Nationals in the Discus and Hammer. Going on to earn All-American Honors in Discus for the first time in School History. I also played for The College of Idaho Football team as a Defensive End and Tight End.

I have coaching experience as an assistant throws coach at Boise State University. I am goal orientated and results driven. My goal is to educate, motivate, encourage people to reach the goals they strive for. I am passionate and competitive and enjoy working towards exceeding goals


Meridian Store Manager

19 yrs in Law Enforcement from California with 2 years training new Officers here in Idaho.

3rd place winner in 2017 Washington Night of Champions bodybuilding Competition and 3rd place winner 2017 Idaho Cup Bodybuilding Competition.
Currently competing in 2018 Idaho Cup Bodybuilding Competition.

Husband and father of 5 boys and have 5 grandchildren.
Hobbies include painting, piano and training for events like Spartan and Warrior Dash races and doing those activities with my family.


Health Coach

Sports were always a passion for me, I started at a young age and worked up to the collegiate level. Through these opportunities I was able receive education in both business and design. Nutrition has always been a second nature for me, considering my mother is a clinical dietitian.

I graduated high school here locally with varsity letters in track, football, basketball, and a state championship in baseball. I went on to play college football in Chicago. Unfortunately, injuries happen. My focus has since shifted to recovery, and with recovery comes nutrition.

Growing up I was blessed with being taught how to eat well. My mother, being on the forefront of nutrition, was able to implement habits that have helped me to this day and it is my goal to pass those healthy habits on to others.


I have competed in sports for as long as I can remember. From volleyball, to track, to 14 years of soccer, athletics have always been the biggest part of my life. My life was forever changed when a career ending concussion sent me through 7 months of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

After accepting that my days of impact sports had come to a close, I was forced to shift my focus. I was hit with the harsh reality that I could no longer burn off my poor diet at 3 hours of sport practices, and that a proper diet is key for good health. I began doing research and educating myself on the best ways to eat to stay healthy and fit. Nutrition has since become a passion of mine and I love to learn and educate others about the the importance of nourishing the body.

As a Kinesiology major at Boise State University, I am also passionate about fitness and body mechanics. After I quit sports, I became a gym rat and I am constantly pushing myself to become stronger in the weight room and improve my overall physical health. I am currently training for my first bikini competition and have learned a wealth of knowledge when it comes to eating and training towards a goal.

I believe we should all be working towards reaching our highest potential. The knowledge and skills that I have learned during my time at Nutrishop enable me to help others in reaching their greatest potential and there is no bigger blessing than seeing individuals make progress towards their goals


Hey I’m Garry! I'm a new upcoming health coach in the boise area. I've worked in the nutrition industry for most of my life. I have over 5 years of nutrition management experience working at GNC. I'm excited to join the Nutrishop team, knowing that they are a judgement free and a result driven company.
A little bit about myself, growing up I enjoyed playing sports like basketball and football. Due to my small frame I had a hard time performing well in sports. I also had low self confidence and i wanted to make a change. Focusing on diet and training, I went from 150lb to 230lb in the course of two years. During my last year in highschool I was able to earn a D1 scholarship to Weber St for football. Besides athletic achievement, fitness gave me a new self confidence and better outlook on life.
I choose to work in the fitness industry to help people achieve their goals. Fitness has changed my life and I want to help make that positive change in your life as well! My passion is to help you achieve your best self. Come in and lets make the change!
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